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sometimes appear to falter in our testimony in regard of

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blood and the globules of the tissues was insisted on by

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controlled the bleeding but despite parenteral and intestinal

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offered which makes the National Cancer Institute re-

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stances, the patient must feel more like a specimen than a

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assist them in their practices and have delegated various

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most cases of pneumococcal meningitis. The duration of the

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The manifestations and the role of predisposing disorders and under-

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which I made, coagulation was generally, but not invariably, slower

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sioner appointed by the Commissioner. Each Deputy Commissioner

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studies and remedies have been suggested. 3 - 4 All assume that

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Although therapy permits more normal activity, the patient should not be allowed to

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stances the difficulty of breathing seems to be owing to the air

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considered negative or equivocal depending on the wording

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could have shown a direct proof of his great discovery of the circula-

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a lymphatic gland. From which fact may be understood how

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ability were slower in emerging in the health field than in

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attention of its professors; partly from its being the largest

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duty,* I explained the whole matter as fully as I could to the

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They may delineate a particular segment of the professions,

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culosis incidence among 58 major cities with a population of

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serum, in the circumstance of coagulation, yet they differ in

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formed that office, or absorbed some of the chyle and carried

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tenets, the time has come for them to invest sizable dollar

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them in one of the same oviparous class, the turtle.''^

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adjacent tissues. The diagnosis lay between tuberculosis and

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“push to tinnitus, then back off slightly” is valuable in

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appearance of bilious drainage via the drains on the eighth

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were those of a pneumothorax. Two days later the patient's

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(xxx.) Sydenham, Opera Omnia, imp. Soc. Syden. 8vo, Lond. 1844,

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has killed off Daniel Whistler (which h° has not yet

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