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gans which have a serous covering, by simple contiguity of tissue, as in

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tolism. It is a condition in which it is impossible to determine whether

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the flow of the blood and favor diapedesis of the red blood-corpuscles, as

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There may be a localized necrosis, when the sequestrum is small and

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the vocal bands ; this redness and tumefaction may extend into the

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and all irritating matter removed from the intestinal tract by a full

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Oontainlng De«cciptionB and Hiatorlea of the Principal FnngLboth Edible and

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Palpation. — The apex-beat is displaced to the left and is felt lower than

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must be kept in the open air as much as possible, and a change of climate is

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effort should be made to have the wound bleed freely. Afterward, the

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Prognosis. — This is bad only in the suppurative variety.

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cause of the disease, and may excite more or less of a catarrhal inflam-

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2. Caseation. — This is a change which results in the formation of a

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cerate. The cheesy masses in the cysts may, after a time, become calca-

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is unimpeded, the redness completely disappears under firm pressure, and

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the excrements of typhoid patients, the first indication in prop/ii/Iaxis \s

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