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to experiment. The results which may be regarded as deci-

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a potent factor in the selection of those who were to carry on the

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the rash. No evidence appeared in his work to demonstrate any constant

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of a copper. It is button-hole in shape, 4'" in length, 2/" in

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Science Monthly and North American Review 10.00 9.00

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Inquiry— Drs. E. Cutter, Wobura ; Charles Jordan, South Reading ; and R. L. Hodgdon,

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point. I advised absolute rest, and I would see him at his

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ture is maintained. When poison is present from any cause, it

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same failure in introducing any instrument occurred; and, notwithstanding'

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the comforts of the sick and wounded of our heroic army. — Medical

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of life of over 52,000 infants per annum. Very much, however, remains

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Dyspnoea and slight cyanosis are common and may be present without

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the irritant has been applied, paw, move about, lie down, and

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was also negative for porphyrins. At this time a serum

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and the alteration in position and shape which the heart, from various

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raic poison in the blood. These views are purely conjectural,

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legislation of 1871 and 1872 may, perhaps, be accepted without

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as a thermal energy. The interposition of the body tissues

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the serum controls developed fenestration of the ears in 36 to 50 days while the

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oral cancers in the high-risk elder — one who smokes

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been even to the present day accepted as the emblem of the healing art?

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building devoted to the babies' wards, at No. 222 East Twen-

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Lau.sannensis auni 17.55. — Oliservatu^us et dissertations de

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lems of blood loss as to the data which are of most value in determin-

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ment is lacking; thus, it is frequently associated with armies

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in bone, converting it into the relatively soluble acid calcium carbonate

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which cannot be treated — it is not an operation which can be

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patient, and thought that electricity was an efficient agent

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house occupied by the family, as well as the surrounding grounds, continued damp

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