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It was suggested in connection with the study of anaphylactic shock

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.ca ly or physiologically. Both are associated with growth and divhion

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enol in common with d-galactose. The few observations available

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peroxide into medical use were it not for the very great danger of explosion.

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other similarity between anaphylaxis and asthma is the mariced eosinophilia

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been made to remove the tumor in the sair.e manner. Dr. Lusk

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led to the investigation of the subject by Kosenau and Anderson, of

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below, would be far fetched. While no record of this precise condition existed,,

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officers as are required, the navy does not secure the

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less viscid than natural: but when the inflammation advances ra-

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untrimmed nails to the affected parts, and has felt acute pains

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toms are sore throat and odynophagia. Some adults do not

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E<xperi7ne7its on the time required for the coagula-

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Scarlatina from diphtheria may at any time arise ; but this course is

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bottle, the top 16 ounces being removed by use of the ounce dipper. For healthy

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Hospital, Fort Schuyler, N. Y., where he remained up to the spring

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to my mind the idea of an animal without some definite and

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links in the chain of proof are missing as regards the other infectious diseases.

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time arrived, with his assistance I introduced a pair of forceps into the

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evaporation, so that 1 Cc. of the preparation = 1 Gm. of the crude drug.

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romantic and circuitous stream, with rocky shores, rushing

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3 J oz., essence of cedrat 12 drops, oil of orange-peel 60 drops,

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a progressive degeneration, so that in many cases, the bones consist finally of an external

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I have always found the carcinomatous growth growing definitely

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cannot shut our eyes to the truth, and trust blindly that better days

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ovaries was found larger and more congested than ordinarily , prescn ting

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possibly when injected into the bowels, the general

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admit, since by such means, they will save time ; as their

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since the injection, 21 per cent, have remained free from re-

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last point, it would be sheer folly to assume that the

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day and a drainage-tube substituted for the abdominal drain at the

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which came by inheritance. As to treatment, he thought it im-

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diluted, was ordered, and fluid extract aconite and chloroform,

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The method of quantitative estimation which I used was as follows : The

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while refusing to make secret preparations, has the

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especially that of adults, depends upon many factors, some of which have

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are never to be overlooked. Among the questions to be answered

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