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to meet the possibility of its being inflammation of the brain or its membranes.
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the tuberculous nodules they are often searched for in
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stage, or that of hepatization ; in which the spongy cha-
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have been obtained. time is sufficient opportunity for weakene<
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greatly diminished ; to the auscultator its action appears weak
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continuous with the liver dulness, on the left side reaching over the border of the ribs.
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and moist. Fornix and septum exceedingly soft. Ventricles
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ployment of Von Gieson's stain it is possible readily to
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Majesty's principal Secretaries of State, grants degrees, licences, or
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Make hot applications to the abdomen. Bathe with tepid or cold water.
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acetyl-salicylic (aspirin) in 5-grain (0.32 Gm.) doses are of
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hence of the acidosis, anaesthesia, and especially ether, intensify the
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perature, rabbits a corresponding short pyrexia, with a
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at Fort Stanton, New Mexico, to relieve Captain Marcus E.
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presenting many of the characteristics of bubo plague, differ from it,
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agranulocytosis, aplastic anemia and other blood dys-
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namely, the application of ice-bags to the applies to the liver as well, no matter
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In such individuals a good substitute for the carbolic gauze is
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method of notation now commonly used. A second scale,
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This distinguished American physiologist has emphasized
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Other plasters may be of great service, such as a well-adjusted mer-
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The subject is also discussed from the point of view of State
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centimetre thick was removed. After this the patient went on foot
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threatening to break down; thirdly, when it is being restored. The
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subside and, in the course of a few days or a week, the acute symptoms
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conjugate, 7 in. ; diagonal conjugate, 4 in. ; estimated true conjugate,
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location of that Bone. — Although the history of fracture with dislocation of the
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not sufficiently familiar with the actual facts to go into details in this matter ; but I am not
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Treatment with broad spectrum antibiotics alters the normal
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over a crisis without the necessity of pressing alcoholic stim-
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hol-free ether is dropped in. After letting stand for a short time the
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last described. The early history, then, — and we are glad to
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1 oz. ; melt together in a vessel placed in hot water; remove it
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ember 27, the Widal reaction was obtained in ten minutes, on
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of symbols, ia which no error or difficulty could arise to the advanced student,

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