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entire car is sprayed with formaldehyd. As a further sanitary
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in the saliva ten or more minutes after the administration of 0.1 gm. potassic iodid
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anced program that could be marketed in contractual
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antagonism between the medical colleges and the medical
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[ Abstr.] : Pbila. M. Times, 1882-3, xiii, 007-609.— Cramer
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; 1 1 Good fresh cow's milk, diluted with an equal volume of hot water, is centrifugalised at
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Special causes of disease, embraced under the names contagion and infection,
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and dressing each day. If it refuses to improve, use the Muriatic
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1, To empty the stomach in case of poisoning, over-
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are labored, but not notably accelerated. Attt^^ntion to the points just
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temperature, an improved appetite, improved digestion, etc., and we
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death ; in the second 3,000 with anesthetists of less experience
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five stories high. It will be on East Twenty-sixth Street,
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of its present condition, and it is hardly a matter of surprise, therefore, that
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participation of living cells may be an essential condition not suscep-
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worthy of consideration by reason of the distinguished
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complete involution and the restoration of the pelvic
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powder was quite satisfactory for infant feeding. Neither scurvy
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been watched unremittingly from the moment that the infant's
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beablicnes beoses jeapes ne byses mibban jeapbes* ibelnes
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b their internal administration, there is no high-road to
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the group of desmidia, fringed at both extremities that
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received at the British general liospitals. The training gave them
dutasteride avodart side effects gtn
time, and, not being able to retain any form of artificial sup-
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labour, if the name of labour can be given to that God-given energy
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(nearly forty-five per cent.) the operation had been
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and now, bears the stamp of the man, and even in the Preface
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GYNECOLOGY — Intensive Course, two weeks, starting
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0.4 and 21 per cent., the average being 5 per cent. In the report from

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