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with ten-grain doses, repeated every three hours, gradually increasing the

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with the following interesting information with reference to

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simple and in the malignant fonn. ^Myocardial changes occur. The spleen

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oscillation or twitching, but as soon as an object is carefully

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of the satellite centers with which these programs are

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tendant symptoms, and more so from the singular per-

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There was paralysis of the left vocal cord. At the autopsy

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rarely make any special complaint of it. Usually regarded as almost

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contains iV^^ albumen and a considerable quantity of blood.

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Logs, Grain; Legal Weight of a Bushel of Grain, Seed, and Roots; Quantity of Seed re-

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month. The patient was hoarse, and was breathless on exertion. The foreign

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manifest. I think an examination of the patient whom I

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lar ranks only, with the exception of the Huron Street

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muscles, are apt to be involved, and thus the breathing may become

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.iiiil r\ .1.,-d wiili.iii! J,ii\ 1,1 ill,. ,,iv|i.i]l\'ml; -i.iiicn.

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Of twelve cases found recorded in the year 1868, all

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on to 1848. a period of nearly two years ; the maximum lasting con-

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bacilli have entered the blood either directly or after having

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would certainly have completely cured one patient, and

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of high-density lipoproteins (HDL) are associated with a

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Pleuritis, with its usual symptoms, may also occur. Prostration

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long unbroken course of this preparation is of singular avail ;

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Pbesext — Dr. Jeaifreson (in the Chaii-) ; Mr. Bart-

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tion of factorits iu Ifus.sia.] Vestuik obsli. big., sudeb. i

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the MH-ond deals with the question of immunity, elucidates the Ehrlich Side-

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have functional insufficiency of the liver, with diminution of urea, uro-

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cumstance when the emetic operates without the super-

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a gag in the local treatment by chlorine water injection.

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Freckles. Small round ones can be removed by the application of

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no longer afford to absorb the cost of Missouri's se-

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