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sidered premonitory. On the contrary, in Case 2, the unex-
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T''^' 'ivr; ::•;:;::;;.,: ,:■::::,,,.. ,-.>•-
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that the influence of tea as a causative factor in hemicrania
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ahmentary canal has upon the host, but it is certain that m course
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when, if glucose be present, the blue color will be discharged by a yellow
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or dangerous arts." I have wondered if the very title we bear does
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published an article claiming 100 per cent positive Widal reactions in
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ute which required that the candidate should understand
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prepared for the operation in order to save time and
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afternoon — seventy hours after the operation. Pulse 112 ; resp. 23. It is a
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combination of tuberculosis and syphilis is far more com-
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a particular subject, remember that you are rapidly preparing for the mad-
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into the eye (see Operations, Horse Department). To relieve
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study of this wonderful mechanism in order to achieve
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which all readings are reduced to what they would be at zero (0° C. or 32° F.), is
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a number in different parts of the South, is a diagram of medium
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consequence (and, we would add, a salutary fear it is), it apj)ears to
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demics of poliomyelitis were nonparalytic. Leegaard expressed a
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enlarged and free motion in one direction takes place, as in the elbow
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is employed in cysts of the liver. The first step in the lung opera-
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of the testicle, two cavities were found, containing about an
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that medical care of the citizen is going to become a
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America. In May, 1900, at Guelph, had attack of obscure pain
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voir Injection Apparatus as the most simple and perfect yet produced.
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nounce the letters of the alphabet in their order, and then combinations of letters,
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to provide the necessary disinfectants. The President
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making use of antipyrin and the other usual anti-galactogogues
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the complete rounds of the circulation, and the blood too thick to find
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of The macule any abnormal change in the colour of the skin confined
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During the past few years public opinion has been led to
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that similarity of tastes and thought had brought them
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There is one point in connection with this form of disease of the uterus,
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