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pressed in percentages of the organ. In all cases the liver was removed before the
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symptoms. More or less degenerative change is not infrequently found after
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admission to the hospital as the result of a severe cold,
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parti-colored dog pup by the dachshund at the second service. Color
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'.1. Hawes, L.E.: Benjamin Waterhouse, M.D. Boston, Francis
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heresies in Europe. He wrote a sort of medical system which,
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the name amyloid. The evidence relied upon for the latter suppositiovi
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tion about it, the presumption would be that such college was
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numbers were affected, and the mortality was large, it was commonly
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and extending an inch to right of sternum, including dorsal'
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expression was modified by Magnus-Levy 6 by inserting the word
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The following have been cultivated : T. cruzi, by Chagas ; T. brucei,
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time, fearing that medication had failed to give relief,
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sidering such points as character and distribution of scales on back of
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phenomena of cholera result from the entrance of a peculiar poison
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over five hundred generations in the course of fifteen months by the mere addi-
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avoideil, althmigh it sacrillees the life of tlie child. I
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same conclusion is shared for both the osseous and the com-
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ticularly to that of the Southern States, whose confidence we have
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a thick and gelatinous clot, which is continuous through the
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Lest I tax your patience I will omit a detailed descrip-
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point as described by Loeb,^ and was used in a concentration of
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age. I do not recommend the use of Another advantage over the knife,
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tte greater number of accidents have arisen from horses in
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with tertian parasites (Plate XII, c')- This is brought out with
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ward, seven private and three semi-private rooms. Typical of all floors are the
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Dr. Norman Kerr in his work on " Inebriety " says : " The result of my
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The first case I wish to report is Miss M. T., whom I first saw April
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tion, can hardly be settled. But since all these cases
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esced in by the tenants and almost always promptly carried out by the
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heralded by handbills, and stopping for a few days at-
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perspiratory fluid is seated in the excretory tube or in the connective
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sis when applied in such weak and superficial method as
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should be replaced, and preserved, if possible ; for a

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