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resins, resins, gum-resins, camphor, balsams, and vegetable sub-
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pain as the passage of a stone, and yet it is my belief that a stone
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as useful and interesting as any portion of the work.
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we may have a typical renal colic, which can only be differentiated from stone
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voices from the grave : voices from the rack and Catherine-wheel : voices
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detailed consideration of the parasitology of the disease
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(/) Physical fatigue: During a high flight "one requires to be pulling
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been made between cancer of the prostate Oppenheimer {Medical News) says that
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Facial Nerves with Some Afi'ections of the Limbs from
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with an Introductory View of the Early Reformation. 8vo. 10s. 6d. cloth.
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One ol the highlights ol die vcais sot iai acti\ities is the annual
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Doctor Hadden was born on May 23, 1900 in Belvidere,
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ficially on other diseases attended with degeneration of
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Hospital, has recently extended this method of obtaining
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" It is a very solemn thing to see you all around me — how character-
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fluid which flows over the eye ; for though after extirpation of the
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them, and are met with some new difficulty at each turn, and
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nal of Australasia of October 20th Dr. Percy Webster relates a case of this
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Wladimiroff, A.: Immunitat bei Rotz, Kolle and Wassermann's Handbuch der
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passed into coma with the development of hemiplegia,
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time for homoeopathy to arise, and with courtesy and with firm-
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and vesicles with depression in the centre, and of the remission of fever
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wasting and bodily weakness, and occasionally mental mani-
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of the organ of hearing, with special reference to its
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nology that Rollins would use in his efforts to refine it.
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11. Axis Traction Porceps. — The advantages of the axis-
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on addition of an acid. Chlorinated lime possesses an
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poral bone of the skull, and entrance to it from without is
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Physiol., Bonn, 1897, Ixx, 366. See, also, .^upra, Nerking. —
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tion in manifesting resentment. " Unjust suspicions may attach to an
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