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hemorrhage only in the lower portion of the intestine, where the feces

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it to some all-knowing specialist to find out; but, at any

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India. In America it occurs, and is spreading, in South Carolina

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flexed on the thigh, when it constitutes a knee presentation. It is

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parasitic medications. Among other things which have

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employed for tubercular cases, but instead of the animal

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had syphilis twenty years before, during a period of pecuniary trouble

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milk, sterilized milk, pasteurized milk, dairies, source

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the lower side of the tumor, so that blood from the higher

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tonus. Augmentation and reduction of vagus tonus may be obtained

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of the symptoms, the symptoms of intermittent claudication were present

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water-closet, he went out without any assistance from

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first noted {Biological Bulletin 3, 1902, 43) the only distinction which separates

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by pepsin and hydrochloric acid. Food artificially digested before it is ingested

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moses between the two systems of vessels. Very recently, Beau

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mains to be discussed — Suppose the foetus to be living,

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and carping criticism of an irresponsil)le itinerant." As

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fact of much importance in determining the pathogenesis of the lesions.

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duct, committed some act, so diametrically opposed to the pre-

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formed : An incision, commencing immediately below the

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however, taken by themselves, furnish a powerful diag-

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placed under the microscope, there appeared within the center a

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Aarestrup, and others — he does not take much notice of the names

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Physician Participation in Medicaid — Bushmann and Passmore

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dons, and the axillary glands were swollen and painful.

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tuberculous patient or his family should arise from this

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call attention. In each of these cases the disease mani-

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condition might not have been the subject of typhoid fever, and she

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exiidativnni iiiuUil'orme. j\ni. J. M. Sc., Phila., 1895, n. s.,

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by Dr. Ewart, (2) as an improvement upon rectal feeding,

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Attention was early directed to the heart ; the first and second sounds

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