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Hospital, called atttuition to the use of untipvrine in the

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meantime stimulants had been given hypodermatically.

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at the age of 10 years. He had been in good health up to the time

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made of three degrees of strength, containing one-fourth, one-

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mencement and progress; nay, it may proceed to a fatal termination,

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Dr. A. K.Chalmers, Medical Officer of Health, in the Athenaeum

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tention will be paid to anonymous communications. Hereafter, cor-

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rendy cured. In April, 1904, a reoirrence was removed wifli

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London. This book went through some editions, and was

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If the tympanites be not great, the abdominal muscles, especially the rectus

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In case of conviction the punishment is warning, or fines

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sive obstructive engorgement of the kidney, produced by disease of

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We learn that Miss Lizzie Johnson, a graduate of the school,

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sents itself in the external form and features of the individual, are

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tends to diminish the power of functional activity in the

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indisputable manner the general efficacy of sanitary measures,

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is worthy of remark, that small quantities of mercury

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abdomen. The clamps in position, the part of the stomach and

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membrana propria. Some vesicles are without lumen, others contain the

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25 years of age. Taking the 82 mixed cases no such infection of the new family takes

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genus. Daubenton (Buffon,tome xiv., 1760) and Camper have

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was his own, for all and everything was his ; but he was then

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of India. (' Case* of ^J^C^tthol who We Sen tl/poisoned

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when performed early before paralysis of the bowel, adhesions,

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showed a small papillary mass distributed very generally

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that the deprivation of the menstrual function will be at-

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and the causes of dysentery, it is the obvious duty of the

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Dr. Stokks oit the Cane of thr laic Mr. ( ,>ll,:s. ;U3

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variola humana, vaccina, ovina, equina, and others, are but modifica-

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1861, having made a will with seventy-one codicils attached to it, some of

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do not usually perish from the same causes that prove fatal in

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lliere are still two small circular areas on the femoral

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the smallest dose of the drug that is necessary to produce its anti-

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and pulse normal, but the uterine condition remained the

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