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able pains that are produced by the arrest of the circulation ?

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seventy-six cases of scarlet fever, the majority were quite mild. There was

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what have we learned ? We have learned three import-

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which have been described especially by Hardy in a paper read

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thing clean and neat, but in the bottom of the cellar was a pit

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unfortunates may be considered the later recruits to

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About 15% to 20% of persons aged 65 and older suffer

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In this compend of some 300 pages the whole range of special

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but two cases), (3) iodoform poisoning in one case and mercurial poisoning

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case. In all instances, however, the evacuation of an abscess cavity as soon

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5. Reports of standing committees in the order named in

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leg or arm movements. The child was treated with quinine hydrochloride by

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very w-ell, and was permitted to go to his business.

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charged from the" Hospital, five weeks after the amputation of

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membrana propria. Some vesicles are without lumen, others contain the

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of the aorta. The inner surface of the aorta was atheromatous through-

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powers in no common degree ; and, that in depraved and re-

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infection, from intercurrent diseases, or from severe intestinal hemor-

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roid clinical expressions, and thyroid extract was consequently

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Below and Above* Headache rising from below upward. H.

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ganism. Such food need not be prepared with absolute,

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and in many instances, if not all, the liver seems pri-

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terminal products of putrefaction, or even the later stages, while highly

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sible, then the patient should dispense with corsets and

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We compared the understanding by family physicians and nurses of their elderly outpatients’

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they cleared out and locked their rooms up. However, this obstacle

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commonly, pancreatic calculi, carcinoma, and cysts); exophthalmic goiter

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Disturbances of sensibility, especially those for pain and temper-

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Dr. Douglas — I do not think that it is essential, although it would be interesting. I

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In the report of the standing committee we are presented with a brief sum-

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charged from the" Hospital, five weeks after the amputation of

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