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mercilessly strangled in its very birth place, to the

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in that there is less liability of their being malignant ; they can be more

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Seeks he ulcers duodenal ; rends he pectorals trichinal ; spears

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paratively young one, whereas among those in a better

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On section, microscopic : Gland of neck shows round-celled sarcoma

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be immersed in a one-per-cent. soda 'solution before sterilization —

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this hybrid sore. In short, both theories satisfied

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Pract. &, News, Louisville,1898,xxvi, 441-445. [Discussion],

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monozygotic twins indeed represent sporadic cases, it can be

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every 100 men examined. The average duration of nystagmus of

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March 1 there occurred a threat of miscarriage with a masked

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to the subject of these "acid-fast" bacilli. The chief points

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antacid, anti-hnmorrhagic. These baths have given evidence of their efficacy in pulmonary affections,

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actual utterance in speech ; and the more frequent the repetition of the

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tization, whereas the pressure of a lO-mm. column of mercury actually

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" I find well-marked zonular cataract in both eyes, but with

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is one of the hepatic functions, the increased production of this sub-

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and, in addition to the ordinary food, allowances of an

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the bar as representing the imaginary person in the question. I

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dition of the lung also remains stationary, and the

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But it must be borne in mind that these singular cell-massee

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upon an old-standing ulcer. This opinion we formed from the

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tained of this leg, by the well-known Surgeons, whose names are

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mucous membranes as tiny isolated points which rapidly

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moncchrcme. Cloth, $7.00, i.ct; leather, $S.oo, net.

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of her schoolmates thought that her mind was becoming

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gives a solid support, and, in ataxic cases, is very useful as giving a sense

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by the British Homoeopathic Society. The fund is to be a

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Blind, that were considered mental defectives. They had just

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other containijiir a considerable portion of interior coun-

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