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that conclusion was reached after a careful and solicitous examin-

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in this case till a hemorrhage occurred from the exceedingly

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dejections in the vessels and privies. The bodies of

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A sphygmographic tracing shows an abrupt and steep ascent of the curve

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firmly believe, for instance, that a less bad state of affairs

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Commissions; to fix chemical and: bacteriological standards; to

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Jan. 29. Subcrepitant râle (râle crepitant redux) is heard over upper lobe ;

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There are very few instances, indeed, in which passive motion — the

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milk, if we compare it with other secretions, we must suppose that

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This city is especially fortunate in the possession of

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or surgeon will be unable to determine with accuracy any depar-

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and a joint in attempted explanations of them. The pyrexia is generally

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is one of acute septica;mia, in which the maintenance

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relief, but Dr. Allbutt gave us to understand that such a failure

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icterode cachexia, which are deemed so characteristic. It is true that ha?nior-

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As regards the preparation of lecithin from brain tissue, our ex-

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the better solvent for uric acid and more of a diuretic, whereas

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pressure, hollowness, emptiness, lightness ; with delusions of destruction,

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for much saving might have been the result. As an imme-

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kind of food or medicine has been taken.— This is by far the most important

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that this spasm could not be of the nature of a tetanus, i. e. , of a fusion of adja-

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every four hours if the fever is severe until the temperature is re-

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nerves of the left side, in him the teeth on the left side only were

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Fk;. 4.— Large form in same preparation as preceding.

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cases be the first point affected on the opposite side.

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such order that they Avill guide us to a correct solution of the

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minimal trauma may not be as rare as previously sup-

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tries; apparently transmitted solely through coition. Cause, Trypanosoma

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