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felt presenting by the shoulder. Version was performed, and a

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graphical and Sectional Anatomy of the Female Pelvis, by Dr.

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half-finished state should not be seen; and on quitting the

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an indistinct cure can tend to perfect the science of medicine,

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the Home cai^ now accommodate 115 patients, besides

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Dr. McLaughlin — I have often done it, and will do it again where I have to. Scores

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Aryans are contained in the Vedas, a series of hymns composed

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is m some respects similar to that of Millet (p. 594), but the defence of the

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lesions on her face, she not only has the typical warty growths on the

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paper, and the usefulness of Keyes' syringe, but said that

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used chloroform and thought there was but little danger from

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Frictional electricity, with which scientists had worked

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a discussion on prognosis declared that when he considered the

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andria, the epidemic reached its acme in the first week of July.

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The history of its formation might doubtless be stated as follows : A

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In cases like my three here published, where the abscess conmiuni-

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the meso-colon, the posterior surface could be examined, and a

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Spreading of the Eruption. — The eruption does not all appear at

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For children one month old or over. — First, weigh the child,

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and there were now much redness and tenderness to touch. The failure of do-

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Queen, visit of the, to Windsor Infirmary, 441, 549 ; visit

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oratory, and radiographic features of each subset. Ag-

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ferred to us in a seemingly very good physical condition* In other

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the cord. Examples : Ergot, cotton-root bark, savin,

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obstetrician than to get out of a central implantation

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toxicity, probably have their si)ecial oi:)tima. A good average is sup-

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.il-ii (if \i-r\ iiiiiiniiin hk." n'lui-, and \(.t\ uttrn i- prc<fiu l<im-lla'r wili

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more, 1870. Joined the Society in 1880. Died in Goldsboro March 24,

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over the whole chest. Assistance can be derived in many

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There is still a condition of the thorax to be described, which is

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fell into a sound sleep for four hours, after which he had fully

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