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Treatment of Congenital Anomalies of Great Vessels.”

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line of the limb. The two ends of the inner sheet are now brought evenly

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abdominal tumor. In the greater number of cases there is elevation of

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however, supported by any series of post mortem observations of the

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tina iu stadio tioril ion is; morbus Brightii. Gior. veneto di

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to be minimal. The question therefore arises : Can we find

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cular Consumption? — Dr. Albert L. Loomis said it was

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present in a relative degree over a surface extending from within an

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it is only a partial memory. The whole of the experience does not

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mother had been. Was this infection or coincidence ? "

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8. On the Development of Striated Muscular Tissue. By

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K. Kramer, M.D., Augusta; Joy Maxey, M.D., Atlanta; David Brown, M.D., Augusta.

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and speculative interests. Hitherto the hotels and board-

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first mentioned seat of the obstruction belong organic stricture, a calculus,

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petechial spots appeared on the skin. Sepsis was suspected, but its origin could

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threatening, the more protracted a course it runs, until it finally terminates..

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important on account of their Uabihty to be confounded with or to c<Hn-

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would be engendered than without such agencies. Chi-

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than justify you in using them, even though you adopt

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manent, and, above all, when attended with constipation, they

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sensory symptoms, already mentioned, persist. There are severe pains in

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may contract typhus in larger numbers than those at

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1 — inflammation of the lungs, 5— miu-asmus, 2 — paralysis, 2 — pleurisy, 1 — puerperal disease,

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successfully removed several calculi from the duct of Wirsung.

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(1890) is due the credit of disseminating the law of contagion through

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* The term ' ' heemozoin " suggested by Sambon is here em-

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conclusion that the muscle of an infected cow contains

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of the organ, which corresponds with the apex of the

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thorax on the left side, where one often obtains restricted movement,

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