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ings, namely, that while a man may be perfectly well able to work with
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the Aids to Diagnosis in Clinical Observation. He stated
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Sir, — In answer to a query appended to a brief communication of mine
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nephritis. But the failing heart so often dominates the picture and so
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year ending October 31, 1865. To the Governor. Indianapolis, 1866.
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In the tenth and eleventh lectures, Dr. G. gives the history, phenomena, prac-
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Axtell, M. D., Denver. [Reprinted from the Colorado Clima-
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and see for themselves. (Roars of l.iughter.) That case wsis
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On the 25th of June, 1850, the distinguished Orfila read a
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Dr. Budd, however, has assured me that the Dreadnought Hos-
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with State and Federal departments, and all cattle within the said
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S.) The expert witness.- his, legal rights and remedies.
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structures of the abdominal wall carefully, eliminating all possi-
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to provide the necessary disinfectants. The President
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and three gallons of clear straw-coloured fluid drawn off.
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change of climate. These maladies are peculiarly chronic in then-
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been found to be of unusual value in Dyspepsia generally, as also in the troubles arising
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There is much interest today about how physicians may
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This is not an affection of the organ whose name it bears, but a painful
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the character of the tumor on the result, the degree
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Defence during the mobilization of the Medical Reserve Corps,
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Dr. S. notices cases in which, along with diarrhoea or even without it as a
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rected ; when api)lie<l to me, still squinted ; did tenot-
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19. If syncope occurs, artificial respiration is to be instituted
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ever, wholemeal bread is superior as regards its nitrogenous contents, it
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The Upper Respiratory Tract.— J.C. McAllister (Ridge-
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ity of the cells of the mammary glands, which find only the raw material in
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mononucleosis complicated by severe thrombocytopenia. Scand J Infect Dis 1980;
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with pinkish-red granulations, and with undermined and overhanging
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The impression at the Shelbyville meeting was that many superintendents
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give it to an assistant to hold. The object of this is to prevent the
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liry structure. It is opaque, white, or having a slight rose tinge,

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