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be inclined to advocate this mode of prophylaxis as a
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doctors refused to make a diagnosis in the absence of positive sputa;
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fixed what he calls the "inferior limit of professional vision," the lowest
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Mr. Syme : There can be no doubt a uniform system would
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pigeons, etc., as examples of the true Spirillum cholerce
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dog sufficient to kill him in a certain time, and have
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whole series of abnormal conditions characterized by
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accoutrement. This immediate ancestor was a man of mark, once
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energetic diaphoresis, by the hot-air bath or by prolonged hot
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under customs seal, and in so far as possible under seal in a compart-
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and Oran ; while the general presence of vegetation and of a cold
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however, he associated with genuine organic diseases of the ear {otouturn.^tkt • .
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there is no distinction between the (juacks who have
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inflammation in its essence, or with the vital inflammatory
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bedded in the skin and areolar tissue. The latter two
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austed. Suddenly, so says the newspaper, collapse was noted,
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consequence of the affection of the skin and its significance
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Blood-examination showed hemoglobin 48 per cent. The temperature
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with my general health which could reasonably be ascribed to the action of
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and outer angle of Hie left orbit, which not only pushed the
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(fimys Serrata,) were placed in large receivers containing Carbonic Acid Gas. The animals
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the experimental tubes causes, from the first, a decrease in phago-
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3. After each injection more or less distinct improvement of
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gary), records (^Wiener Med. Wochenscrift^ No. 12, 1880) a case where the
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other hypertrophic conditions of the latter. In its structure,
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Laycock, and Balfour are understood to have promised their
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nary, in 1839. He was a professor of Middlebury College for some years. His
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a fuller discussion of this point the reader is referred to the section
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hesions to adjacent viscera. In the second half of pregnancy

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