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gilt to the medical school ot Johns Hopkins University, 71.
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as to the first view, the change In the heart- wall, and especially the absence of
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to save him by grasping his hair, he would be drowned. He is
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they gain access to the epithelial cells, multiply in the
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subjects under strenuous activity. This occurs to a much
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layers of recent lymph, except at the apex. The lower half of the
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essential for the purpose of justice in a criminal case to make such
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house surgeon of a London hospital to have a large hydro-
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and curable disease, due to prolonged coAtact of large surfaces
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! found in trauma patients.^ Miller and Caplan found that
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tion of the skin, or as a dry gangrenous patch (Wunder-
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stopped. The latter facilitates a rapid weaning from me-
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The President accordingly appointed as (he Committee, Drs,
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By Ed. Nocard, Prof, of the Alfort Veterinary College. Translated by
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condition of certain parts is attributed either to a wound or shock received
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more blood to the skin and by the increased perspiration. The loss
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as age advances the disease abates. Frequent attacks of migraine may
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tor then raises that part of the conjunctiva by pulling these
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previous part of this paper, is not changed : well-water was the
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and that can properly be given in this journal, will be answered by
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first dorsal nerves, and pass through the same ganglion. The
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entirely. Butyl chloral hydrate is one of the most valuable drugs we
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and a particularly useful exercise is horseback riding, owing to the
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von Mutter auf Fotus, Ztschr. f, Geburtsh, u. Gynak.,
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limits, shows marked differences in severity, the question arises
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held there by the splint. Among four cases somewhat
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2. In the viscera: These are rare but have been noted in every organ.
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12. Socin : Correspondenzblatt fiir -Schweizer Aerzte, i8g6,
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scuffle, striking on top of hie head. Paraplegia was immediate.
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peculiarities. It was first described in the early part of last century by

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