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this Society, and report same to the next annual meeting of this
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through and through some fleshy part of the body, and
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lated to furnish some additional illustration of the history of the
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member suspended for nonpayment of dues shall be restored to full mem-
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glasses of my classification test. The name at the commencement of
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article. Yet we would beg such readers, very earnestly, to try
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in bone, converting it into the relatively soluble acid calcium carbonate
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some slight exposure, as taking cold. Whatever reduces the vitality
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Beport (1870), p. 45: *The true key to sanitary progress in cities is, water
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Duroy, contains, next to the brain, the largest percentage of
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wiser and less expensive to save children than to punish crim-
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sometimes succeed in restoring more or less completely the volume of
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veloped from an excessive diet of either vegetable or
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leave the skin yet red, but with the thickening very
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frequency of micturition, and he passed water as many as six
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a result he was led to introduce the ammoniacal treatment of
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worthy and intelligent, skilful and safe, doing much
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tion of the brain, I have found that organ in the most healthy
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out into a cold sweat. Great exhaustion follows such an attack.
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among the insane in asylums is great, but the infer-
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happily named this combination of organs appareils, which may
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on the sponge, placed it on the face of a sleeping man, presumably
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bearing age are therefore not frequently affected by it, and of
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1. Treatment of Ozena with Special Reference to Cupric
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mains to be discussed — Suppose the foetus to be living,
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Premature Burial. — From time to time there comes to the fore most
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they lose their virginity until thev have killed three of
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opinion that they might have been saved by operation.
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(B) As rapidly as can be done after the adoption of
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Bernard (Revue Scientifique, iii. 43), when testing the blood for sugar
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until the evening, when it disappeared altogether. The fol-

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