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a. Tables XXXII and XXXIII present the percentage distribu-
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usually passed off" in about fifteen minutes after the taking of the medicine, and
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decidedly above the healthy standard, there is no real security.
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goes atrophy. This wasting of the kidney is accompanied usually by increase
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ially among the general practitioners, who have had no
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reavement, and it is hereby ordered that the foregoing record
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whether such recovery is ever quite complete in the case of large trunks.
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readers; and having done this, we shall merely add, that
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minute typist who can do repetitive jobs accurately is
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Macdonald murdered Thomas Pelton. When brought to trial Macdonald
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homes; but how about poor patients? In order to accomplish the
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all that I can help you, but I feel that any method, with newborn
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At the upper right corner of the tumour a rounded sensitive
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have exhibited, and the others that have been treated, would have im-
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Brain and Cord. In the spinal cord degenerations of various columns,
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prominent. The surface was a little irregular, the color of a
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and injections of carbolic acid. The carbolic acid seemed to
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were some healthy spots on the back and legs. In some places the
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as to the separate and independent character of volition, be-
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'd) Rot/al London Ophlhalmic I/ospilal Stports, iv. 4, 319.
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in the case of valuable sheep, the best way would be to kill the
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mangling of 30 to 40 other patients. At approximate-
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when it occurs. In such cases, we have used digitalis
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stopcocks, is allowed to penetrate into the wound. The solution escaping
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beidseitigen Resection des Schenkelkopfesgleich hoch^ra-
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The term psittacosis (ty'trTa/cos, parrot) is applied to an infectious
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gia, while here during the winter of 1861-2, sustained
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in various districts with great virulence, and it seems de-
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there are four nurses working and next fall two more will be
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in reaching a diagnosis regarding the seat of the le-
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asthmatic attacks. Physical examination of the chest gives
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of Adequate Medical and Scientific Conduct of Life. — By

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