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information on important topics in neuropsychiatry — this year on the theme of
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He was the son of Dr. Charles Samuel Ward and Lucinda J.
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a rather clear case, and Oppenheim mentions its occurrence.
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writing of the east Asiatics (Chinese and Japanese), are evidently subject to different
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mouth," tartly responded Jerrold. At the recent dedication of
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Repeat the flushing out of the abscess daily for three or four days,
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of Munk, which, from the precision and completeness of
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the lost strength of sufferers from consumption. Hence
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child's age, repeated in ten or fifteen minutes, if it does not operate).
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ment (jf that place. For man}' years he has been one of tlie leading
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in the adult it is these substances again which are
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a long tube. Death most frequently results from dislodgment
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material for reflection both to the physiologist and the practi-
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ment wherein it becomes inaccessible to our present
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occasionally to the second husband, children resembling the
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He died on tlie 1st of January, 1844. Thus the duration of the ill-
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to introduce parts of a report made to the Counsellors, at the last meeting.
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for various purposes of application. The late Dr. Shober gave the
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The mortality differed somewhat in the military and civil hospitals ; thus it was fonrteeo
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work. While the Pharmacopeia as a whole remains in its original
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the full report was published in the Bulletin General de Thera-
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months before I saw her she had had severe eczema sebor-
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itself, occur simultaneously and thus lead to a complicated result.
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Medical Observations and Liquiries, vol. v. M. Larrey mentions another,
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Criticism of defects should not be interpreted as derogatory

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