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Lond., Inspector- General of Hospitals and Fleets, Norwood ;

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iu a glass of brandy-and-water in strength proportioned to the age and

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of the State of j^orth Carolina at Pinehurst, Dr. Beuj. K. Hajs, Secre-

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mark. In Vienna sixty thousand persons fell ill of it. In the autumn

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extent." (Bernhardt, Berlin Min. Woch., 1875, No. 36.)

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exceedingly satisfactory, showing a balance on tlie right side of

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ger of reinfection. Influenza is another one of those diseases the con-

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doses. A thinner covering of bed clothes should be used when the

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pronated, the elbow is more or less bent, the shoulder is rigid, and the upper

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External Appearances. — Body emaciated. Abdomen somewhat distended.

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cases of high myopia which were operated upon, the result

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1 90 1, after which the usual signs of pregnancy appeared in

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perforative appendicitis, and here the performance of the

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to sew, but could not do her work well, and had to give up sometimes

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profession, continue to be well in advance of modern development

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ventilation and oxygenation, as well as medical manage-

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The peripheral blepharoplast and centrally placed macronucleus are at a distance

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exceedingly diflBcult — next to impossible — on account of secondary

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syphilis. He advocates the venereal prophylactic packet and empha-

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In no case of spontaneous zoster has the bilateral eruption been at

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hydrarg. cum creta appeared to act in the most salutary manner in

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4. The aid afforded to auscultation by the elimination

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tion of the physical apparatus made it evident to the visitors that a num-

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as high as the internal os. This growth has arisen from the intra-

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fluous hair permanently, I called in the aid of electricity,

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the extension into them of the myotomes. But there is clear

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three hours he spent in resorting to the usual methods

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penetrating wound of the vault and made a prompt and

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that a complete cure was effected, and indeed the classical case of

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