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The distribution according to race, sex and age at onset, by five-year

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published an article claiming 100 per cent positive Widal reactions in

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by medical men in various ways, such as that the operation might have

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propriateness of the name consisted in the reasonableness

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pain is not severe. There may be no fever or other constitutional disturb-

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in this manner is not only possible but probable. It may

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sions, diverticula, and tumors or strictures, may be indistinguishable from

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diarrhoea, and again returned. A large cyst in the epigastrium, described

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creas as well as a congested appearance of the small

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that chronic ulcerations of the cervix of the uterus

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^^.ilJ not be prevailed upon to use it thoroughly by in-

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syphilitica, <'te. ; 7th, Age, hence the terms infantilis, senilis, etc. ; 8th,

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tions, that it is not true. The prolapse of the mucus

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ligh cure rate:* 96% of 571 males, 95% of 294 females

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•could be shown, or how was it consistent with public feeUng,

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control, by the soft rubber catheter fi demeure; but severe

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the ureter presented a problem; some of these ureters

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the course of the evening instead of better, he came to the

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3.— See Philadelphia Medical Journal, Vol. Ill, p. 1335.

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had come so frequently that he had not been able to

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of surgeon-in-charge of the hospital. Our committee, who

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ments are less than the normal measurements of a child four years old. For

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Milroy Lectures on Public Health, delivered before the Royal

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Globulin and albumin content of human blood serum in health, syphilis,

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sory glands be removed, you might expect cachexia strumipriva.

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almost suffocated and a free flow of bloody serum may take place from the

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the tumor site as a rule, and the breath-sounds and vocal resonance are feeble

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infarction. Of those patients treated with 5,000 units of

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For a considerable period there was a great tendency among physi-

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