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urine contained album ose, and there was marked leuco-

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the functional disturbances, but it is not descriptive of all the

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{Proc. of the Roy. Soc. of Med., July, 1915). — Dr. Malcolm showed a uterus

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admired him but were grateful for the way he made them grow in their

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instructing mental health volunteers in "Building Activity Programs to Meet

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concentrated about the point of localization of microbes by inflam-

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associated with enlargement of the liver; ulcerative endocarditis; kala-

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(hd not think the turbinat<i was large, hut it had the api>earanco of being

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and down stairs, and after several previous aborted attacks, a

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scribed tumours or infiltrations. The case from which the

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he has himself attended a number of cases of parturi-

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own opinions concerning the mode in which the refract-

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pass into the circulation, and, adhering to the walls of the ves-

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liable to encroach on the neighbouring skin or to produce spurs, and to

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The clinical history of all the forms of chronic obstruction

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before very long, but in the meantime, writers of fic-

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lion are inclosed; it furthermore opens to inclose the large sinuses,

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I)atient maj' have is indefinite. Tilbury Fox had a patient who sul-

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thus found wanting enter the preparatory class for a sea-

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antiseptic and the patient kept in bed till after the next period.

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every convulsive motion of the chest a severe pang is felt in every joint,

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of corrosive sublimate poisoning. His conclusion, that they are

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and small bronchi were distinctly visible, under the microscope, in this tissue,

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BOS. Fibre of the rtei no-mastoid muscle, in the oeighbourhood of a cancerous

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dividual ocular miscles after producing anesthesia of

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sex, in that they tendered unsuspecting beaux bouquets of

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lasted three weeks, and which terminated fatally, the pre-

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