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the early and late lesions, but only with the end of life

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actions, and their suppuration, are always the consequence of en-

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an injury from a blow with a piece of iron. Although the eye had been

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Diseases of the Xervous System Resulting from Acci-

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In Lepra, and other Cutaneous Diseases. — Dr. Kingdon.

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is entire submersion of the head ; and its quantity appears to be in proportion

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scratching of the horse that has the disease, and as the mites pos-

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he also drew attention to the occasional occurrence of an unusual

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necessary beyond that supplied by the elevation of the

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consideraljly younger than the age at which the latter

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amount of cerebral matter lost was estimated at 1 oz. The

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the air may be in the form of simple softening without any attendant decom-

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the statement that the residual air "amounts to about

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there was an absence of free hydrochloric acid and a

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was a diffused and hard swelling on the inner side of the tibia just

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are aware, not been made the subject of any systematic

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one would imagine that men in authority would have been only too

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with little hope that it will accomplish much good. I prefer to build

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remains albuminous; as we occasionally succeed in doing in

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he was in no way paralysed. Smith's method of treatment

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applicable in this frightful case. On the morning of the operation

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t MooKE, Sib John William, M.D., D.Pc. Oxon., ex-President

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It is advisable to rest awhile after meals, muscular

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Professor of Materia Medica, Therapeutics and Clinical Diseases of Children, in

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the door of a room into which she had occasion to go wj^

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tended by deposits of urates in various parts of the

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circumstances of excitation. That electricity does play an important

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morsk. sborniku, St. Petersb., 1882, no. 9, 62-66. — Onil-

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But he goes a step further, and states, that from all the facts

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these variations are described by anatomists as " transitional vertebrae "

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tention in despite of the patient's determination absorbs

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