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last thirty years, both in violence and extent, in many countries; and I have

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by tingling. Soon afterwards, or almost from the beginning, the patient

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been "found wanting." In Howard Kelly's work, however, to the publication

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slowly, or rapidly, according to its nature ; if active and deadly

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parts of the body ; and occasionally there is some giddiness : drowsi-

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Useful in cases where it is necessary to lower the vital powers.

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Jonnesco' advises total resection of the cervical sympathetic on both

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tea, with wafers of toast. Thereafter nitrogenous foods were added

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known. He was also seen by two women, who told a policeman to take

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xxv, pt. 2, 29-46. [Discussion], pt. 1, 83-92. AJ*o [Abstr.] :

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tent with receiving compensation for his services. The

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of various infrequent complications or accidents. The postmortem examination

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4. The aid afforded to auscultation by the elimination

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Orkaves, C. H., M.R.C.S. Kng., L.S. A. —Medical Officer to the Stafford

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In the cardiovascular system cortisol sensitizes the

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and half-crazed men to terminate their useless exist-

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to prevent their occurrence or cut them short if they have occurred. There-

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are slightly, if at all, increased. There is rarely rigidity of the neck. In

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We shall endeavour, by passing in review some of the most important of

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old, not less than 300 pounds; sows in good flesh, 300 pounds; pigs 5 to 6 months

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the long diameter. Schizogony and sporogony unknown.

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disease. In this, however, all do not agree; or more properly,

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The weight was much less than we now use, but the idea

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The treatment in the early stage of acute myelitis has for its objects diminu-

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acetyl-salicylic (aspirin) in 5-grain (0.32 Gm.) doses are of

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complicate the course of scarlatina; for etiologically they can by no

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Mr. J. Falconer, also without any expense to the Academy.

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defervescence the greenish reflex disappears and the urine becomes

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bral substance in an organ will not produce a highly pernicious

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remedies. In my experience ergot in combination with gallic acid and

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Sir H. Collier called attention to the case of Toomer, con-

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