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outset, and excessive thirst is common. The spleen usually becomes enlarged,

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was negative. Mar. 16, 11 a.m. Animal very ill. Lumbar puncture, 1 cc. of

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The glycogen and enzyme solutions were dialysed before use. When

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^th, 8 A. M. But little of the fluids escapes through the wound. The

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scarcely yet been entered on. Xo extensive campaigns have

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difficulty is experienced a few touches of the chisel will

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is at last satisfied that the poor are properly attended, and get

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involved, and also that the location of the ureteral orifices and the char-

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to compromise. But, as is so often true, the easiest

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ing upon a parturient woman, even though the midwife

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Such a defence is rarely set up in a case of rape, for the reason no doubt that

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is entire submersion of the head ; and its quantity appears to be in proportion

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abstinence should be prescribed for those persons with morbid or irregular

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the epidemic is now spent, in Italy as well as in France

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Hoxie says " nearly all the gas not due to defective plumb-

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chitis, bronchial asthma, convalescence from la grippe and

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This government ship was at once admitted to pratique ; and this,

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diffuse, and blends with the cedematous abdominal wall. The prognosis is

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lesions. Strands from the tumor may be seen radiating and penetrat-

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cular practice, that I believed to 'be not only useless,

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mends highly the insufflation, through an ordinary insufflator, or other

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of rape, narrowly escaped conviction. (Briand, ' Man. Complet de M^d. Leg.'

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our patients, and yet we fear it is one to which little

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elbow, stretching it slightly. | asscd the ether end

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very good results. She has had no medical education,

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toms between hematogenous and hepatogenous icterus have been established.

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The same destaining fluid, consisting of HNOj or HCl,

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Mr. Vaughan, at Bow-street. The defendant was charged

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where the cutis has become so intimately adherent to

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agent to the part poisoned, if thoroughly ligatured, may do good

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repr., London: C. Carrington, 1906) 482. The first French edition was published in

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tific session. Returning, trains will reach Boston at 9 o'clock.

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are essentially the same. Thus an application of dilute acid in-

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â–²BROSOLf oaoniaed eaaentlal oila, 76 Tola, per cent, of oaone.

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