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be a distinct gap between his experimental and clinical

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they would,, add much to our knowledge in this direction.

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it in every case, from the youngest baby, to adult life. I am of the fixed

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Hillsdale Blvd, Ste 4 1 0, Foster City 94404. (415) 345-3020.

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with propriety be restricted to a few ounces a day. The writer has found

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same method of examination was followed before and after flight.

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from time immemorial and so perpetually used. We do not

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excited and kept at a painful tension by sanitary reformers, concerning the dangers of air,

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745-747. — Circulation (Sur la) du sang dans les pois-

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course is most frequently seen in perforation of the vermiform append-

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kind to account for it, no focal infection discernible an}"vvhere,

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t3ring or clamping the cut surface of the gland as it will necessarily

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It must, however, be remembered that the incidence of the disease

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osseous deposit, and callus is readily deposited even when the patients perform

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in both cases, was very much embarrassed, and second-

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♦Zfitschrift fiir Geburtsh. u. Gynak.. Band xv, Heft i.

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benefit justifies potential risk to the fetus. Bendroflumethiazide — Category C. Ammai

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is forced to leave? Where do you go if you are a pregnant

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giving rise to a group of four granules, two of w4iich divided

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digestion may be unimpaired, the intellectual ])0wer8 good,

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ducive of bleeding. The membranous tissues, being over-

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practitioner and present the same symptoms, he can not but regai'd

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abortion has been induced ; but in the ordinary normal cases, or even

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or less serum, as a rule, and it is rarely bloody. Purpuric spots are

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Thyroid Colloid Substance. — From the evidence to hand it appears

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study of this wonderful mechanism in order to achieve

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following the school of Brand are inclined to remain by the

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mach, otherwise apparently healthy, opposite the place of connection of these

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and " I'rynalls of Physicke " are common enough in our old

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After-Progress.— In spite of the severity of the operation, which I think

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may be that the primary effect is to increase the diagnosis.

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