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Dr. HoEwiTz remarked that he had long since observed that

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hall that was so much to be desired. Its material prosperity was

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prove the co-ordination of muscular efforts, but these movements are un-

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of a judicial inquiry, and lead to the concealment of crime. Professor Bernt

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believe that the words about to be written become nascent first in the

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expressed, the contour being less regular, and the size being just

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on the 29th inst. Under the action of large doses of Sulphate of Quinia, and Sisapiis^

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Vottd, That the Secretary of the District Medical Society notify the

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surgeon, as it is unnatural to cut ofi; the duodenum from

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case was one of forceps delivery, but the tumor was not a

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ed by facts. First, however, we will see what arguments the sup-

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aid in treatment. To secure this, a plaster jacket or some form of apparatus

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speech slow and monotonous at first and later rapid. The

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there should now be added a fifth, namely, that " The

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a rapid but most instructive sketch of the gradual and partial reform which was

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mentum and serum, as usual. The experiment is easj, and every one will find it true on

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citrates are concerned, there is no foundation for such

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Hysteria may simulate multiple neuritis, but only superficially, and

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doctor gave a most excellent abstract of the book, taking up the

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walking quietly on the level. And in one sense it must be said that

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likewise, modify water, in some way or other, for a principal part of

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In the majority of cases an improvement, at least, was apparent at the

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syphilis " (Fournier). These manifestations include : intellectual torpor

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there are observations on the correlating and reflex func-

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with spirits. The attack passed away, but a mental twist remained,

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the cranium, although the wound of exit was immediately opposite that of en-

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pains in right and left iliac regions continuous. Examination

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placed much reliance, because every thing seemed to demand its

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tory also, but the latter remains always greater than the

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following example I am indebted to a former colleague, the Inte Prot B.

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£26, 5s. for licentiates of the college, £42 for others. When of

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cient importance to merit mention here. It has long been known that

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question again when I come to speak of the diseases of those organs. In the

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