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any point of irritation was regarded as a feature, or even as a distinct

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or his reader will certajnly misunderstand them. Generally, also, a downright fact may be told

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of 1863-64, it proved fatal sooner than in the following winter, — a few of the lart

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oatmeal, the pulp of stewed fruits, toast, bread and butter,

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increased in size during a period of twenty-three hours.* To undertake

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the value of these institutions in promoting health, tem-

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have collected several cases in which the disease passed through its course

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had been lost. Memory had become impaired, particu-

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ing diphtheria for years with chlorate of potash and iron. I

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united; and in cases where the efferent end of the intestine has been

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on their contents ; but here the cyst is much larger than

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State, together with the members of the State Board of MedicaJ

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Dr. Boyd, of Pennsylvania, had found the best way to

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parts gradually return to their normal condition, except that a permanent

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pressure in the head. The patient becomes sad, loses interest in his sur-

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known generally as lithamia, was in particularly close

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although even very unpromising cases may yield to treatment, yet the

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quence of the copious alvine evacuations. Recovery took

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The result of this examination we will now present. Of the 426 pages

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thus daily damaging their health, and making themselves

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Reference to his Investigations of the Vascular System.

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A combined lull-time course in Urology, covering an academic year (8 months). It

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connection between the two requires to be explained. According

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cord; alcoholism, syphilis, tuberculosis, and n i jnant

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the right side there were old pleuritic adhesions ; in the middle of the right

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with the navel, and another a little below it. The nipple

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efficient. He has employed this in eight severe cases, five of which were

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BUgar=:1000 grs.; urea = 682 grs. I obtained this day 1;^^ oz. of

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render necessary a permanent vaccination fund as well as an

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quoted from Dr. J. Ilughlings Jackson, m the rei)ort of a case of paralysis of

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convinced that Virchow's teaching not to stain tissues

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examination I found a large, flabby uterus and a tightly

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