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Falle von T\'phua abdominalis. Jahrb. d. bosn.-herceg.

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convenience near a cistern of large size outside the

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and he breathes entirely with his chest ; whereas, in mere Colic,

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Rev. Charles Kingsley, 81. The Lord Advocate, being

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the neck dong the trachea, and rendering respiration so diffi-

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along the sterno mastoid muscles, the atemo-mo^toicl group, which

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70 years of age. Exclusion criteria include excessive obesity, liver disease, in

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immediately that he hears the word or letter pronounced he can at once

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detail, 158 in all, radical cure was obtained in about 90 per cent. The final

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different cases, may destroy the lives of some, while others recover, owing

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inflammatory character. We now know that cases of influenza

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a determiner that produces the brown-colored pigment, while the blue

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physicians and health professionals licensed by this board.

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marked thrill on palpation over the closed lids, a slight

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Dr Wilfon had ever met with his work, he could not have pafied

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The extent to which a medical witness is justified m going on trials for

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" of constitutional &\sew« > \fctei& <st Vear&n*. ^ ^^\?$ ^^era-

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same operation. In three cases of subcutaneous resection of the tibia and fibula,

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that seem to be worthy of diR"erential consideration.

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Drs. Pavy and Bernard bear upon this point, as also does Dr. Brown-

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mutes {Asi/lums, etc., lor), Fever (Tiipho'iil, His-

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scribed by Romanowsky. In accordance with my observation, Roman-

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leads to rupture and extravasation. This is now known as hemorrhagic

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It is not my intention to go into the particulars of ad-

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points : namely, not only the removal of the gravid female pinworms from

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that with the variety of cancer which for its peculiar his-

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or of the sacro-iliac joint, pyosalpinx as the result of gonorrhoeal inflammation

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usually intra-thoracic comphcations. He regarded the Tren-

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perienced a rigor with a succeeding rise of temperature, and the next

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Specimen consists of a portion of small intestine about 8 inches

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tachycardia (radial tracing only satisfactory). Cycles 1 — 6 normal, at frequency

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Circulatory System. — It is important to keep constant watch not

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excavated into the lamina cribi'osa, the excavation being large, and shelv-

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