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Diagnosis. — The identification of the affection is the most important

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dermatosis. Thus the subject of severe epidermolysis bullosa, or certain

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cliffe's library." Nor was the affectation of scholastic ig-

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brain, which is not able to receive and convert new impressions in a normal

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marked when the hand was prone in the telegraphist's position. The median

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Unusual timidity is often an early sign. Little infants will start,

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and even end fatally. It is generally conceded that the bronchial

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Dermat. 1896. — 12. Jadassohn. "Inoculation Lupus," Virchow's Arch. f. path.

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8 drops of the 0.04 percent phenol red solution and dilute to the

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almost every muscle of the body is engaged more or less in the effort.

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and when the hypersemia was reduced, the ointment of glycerine of lead. At

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seen unexplained cases ; one instance I have known in a woman who had

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surely a contagium vivum, yet one which hitherto has eluded detection.

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supporters of different views of the causation ot the disease, experience

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fractional gram weights until the range covered by the rider is

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temperature can be partly explained from a physiological point of view ;

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Causation. — Some inherited influence can be traced in not more

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and friends. In these respects, as pointed out by Dr. Savage, the brain

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the other hand, a judicious combination of general and local treatment

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in the skin ; and it is. found that the anidrosis of such diseases as eczema

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p. 5 ; 1833. — 23. Teevan. Med.-Chirurg. Trans, vol. x. p. 611 ; 1845.— 24. Temple.

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unsoundness, and on criminal lunacy and criminal lunatics generally.

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under the splenius to be inserted into the posterior part of the mastoid

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There are several points of special interest which must be noticed before

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In insanity it is the same, and this leaves room for the more frequent

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of cerebral neurasthenia, attended with insomnia and incapacity for

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mode of treatment will suffice, and success and ultimate benefit will

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directly and finely indicated ; and in the action, co-ordination, and tone or

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with phthisis and scrofula when the parents are strongly pre-

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itself. Headache, thirst, frequency of pulse, hurried breathing may

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inflammations, a fluid is exuded from the vessels and in the skin ; this

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Figure 8 ©, page 56, "Normal and abnormal red corpuscles and platelets,"

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and the milder forms are most frequently seen. Delusions and halluci-

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yellow viscid exudation, and is covered by whitish small islets of epithelium.

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Thomas Bond and Middleton made the first public dissection,

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