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ence of disease other than so-called hydrophobia; 10,

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the chest about one inch from the sternum, passed through

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of an habitual eruption, when it has been symptomatic, and de-

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<lay». The principal Mcfiu'lie w<t<; moderate restlesH-

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Case 2. — W. H., male, ajt. 10 years; had had pur-

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me ; the sores had at this time healed, but he was greatly

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tutional, the principal viscera in a state of excitement or irritability,

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Certain points of special interest brought out by the study of

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(Evac). (6) The Air Surgeon's Bulletin, vol. I, No. 4

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is probably erroneous ; the more likely cause of this apparent

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the contrary, they contain in a most condensed form enunciations of

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out in Senator's clinic. At the same time no increase is apparent of

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may have an effusion covering half the hemisphere, or merely

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tions to using this alone as a means of comparing the two

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capital Scotch use of this word : they are to be in

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visitor, as she patted the doctor's hopeful. To which

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gical Clinics at the College, Hospital and Dispensary.

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Tokyo, 1898, 60-68. Also: Chiugai Iji Shinpo, Tokio, 1898,

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watery motions; scanty and red or amber-colored urine; rapid respiration;

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it is transmitted with great facilit)'. Instances of

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eighteen, I gave five grains of quinine every two hours,

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with a wax pencil, the range of vision being kept constant.

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Mr. Milner Gibson assented to this course, but Mr. Ayrton,

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strain upon the heart; the other extreme, of a very low tension, that induces

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" 10th. That such relative rank shall i named honorary physicians, and four hono-

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done by the teachers or by the students until very serious

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to remain in the house of St. Lazarus for forty days before entering

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face, headache, etc. When this condition is reached, there will be still

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acid on oil of turpentine. A thin, colorless liquid with an agreeable

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wrist was perfectly normal, and tlie elbow, with the exception of a

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