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portant as the quantity. In Scotland, where whisky is the prevailing

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part — at the upper part of the thigh, for example — and con-

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ology and comparative psychology of animals in general, but with particular emphasis

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Laboratories make scientists, not physicians; hence

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process. When ulcerated or inflamed there is generally a good deal of

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all respiratory diseases accompanied by impeded respiration from excessive

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of purpura all over her body, and a general blue appearance, almost

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individually diseased while neighbouring membranes and tissues

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can be accomplished by external urethrotomy or through the

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that we are inclined to consider it as positively pernicious.

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tologists. The Quarterly Journal of Proctology would

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loosely bandaged, or applications of red pepper, ammonia, or

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Dipiomate of Amencan Board of Psychiatry and Neurology in Psychiatry

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where it has the same effect as swallowing a capsule of chloroform.

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Impairment of vision and of the iris-reflex to light, both in varying

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aorta were almost entirely empty. The arteria innominata

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ample, in the treatment of lupus patches and nodules by

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point was much congested, and there were small hemor-

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and in such instances rectal alimentation might be the

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In work carried on by us over several years we have extended the

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however, there was usually an agreement between the

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patient used his limbs freely. He still complained of some

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ing and after the operation they were given injections of

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irregular dietetic habits and despondency characteristic of neurasthenia

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proprastination on the part of the patient, is generally to blame.

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nodule, tinged with pink, the size of a pin's head, was noticed on the nasal

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the point of the elbow. This swelling was also very painful to the

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which are the natural defence of the weak are more familiar to

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Those who have already gained a high professional position in

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7. Irving, F. C. : The treatment of eclampsia and pre-

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peared that some of the services were rendered at the

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generated in the digestive system. In all the attacks I have seen the

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