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■Dr. Jordan : Dr. E. Mat ; Mr. C. OaroN ; Dr. Sawyrb ; Mr. R. YouKO ;
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incision, the inside of the bladder is made so completely
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so claimed by any laryngologist, and certainly they ought to know something about it.
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Pathology. — Unknown. In some instances the arteries
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and the leisured classes are practically, but not entirely, exempt.
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corresponding openings made in the lower fragment, and tlie
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infant "mewling and puking in the nurses arms", rather than to
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Family history : Father and mother alive and well, aged OH and ()() ;
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murmur in the healthy lung is always louder than is natural.
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that Carter's, Vincent's, Nicolle's, and Bouffard's wliitc and black mycetomata
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with Sodium Salicylate. R. T. Wiluakson. — Sodium
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of disease, and to immunity. of a pamphlet, which I send by the same
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ation von Lidbewegung mit seitlicheu Bewegungen des
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will of course be in the highest degree desirable for them to
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ventions are a " bone drill " and an apparatus for broken
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1899, lxxiv,701.— Kaiithack ( A. A.) i Drysclale ( J. H.)
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fore contend that if an eflScient and uniform system of
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erally considerable swelling of the spleen ; the type is sometimes tertian, usually
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other hand, in spite of an inherited predisposition, the disease may
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of science than to give the patient the so-called ' benefit of the
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excluded, in su9f)ected cases, by fluoroscopic examination.
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An infusion of the leaves, which is prepared by steeping a
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Committee of Arrangements — W. C. Chapman, John A.
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,, ";',,„,„ , ,,M-'n i- a -nil li. lu-y medium u-.d Mr ,W ^amv inir,>-..
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A. M., aged 40, presented himself at the dispensary of the Meath
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times it is the internal which is the larger, and hence
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again take exception to this classification and consider
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The clinical history of hemiplegia, during its continuance, presents
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Case of Fracture of Scapula Separating its Upper and Internal

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