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but it is very frequently absent. When the kidney is enlarged it is often

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muscles, thus causing them to respond instantly and automatically

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in the case of valuable sheep, the best way would be to kill the

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The accessories arfe interesting. On the table a watch keeps down the

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Glasgow. That was a very serious state of affairs, which

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The mesenteric glands and veins near this portion were considerably

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proportion of colored population is large (as much as 10 per cent.),

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exudation. The temperature never exceeded io2'i° F., and from the

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1. r flijci.-rs- "In. '■ i.'l v I'.i km- i.rmiLM lorjuulz,

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some domestic remedy be had recourse to, in the hope of ef-

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sympathy and indignation at the sufferings and destruction of

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underlying tissues that later the various stages of descent of

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mate, strike invalids very differently, as might be expected.

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cord en masse from the surrounding tissues, then to separate them one

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patient cannot swallow the saliva. He expectorates continuously ; he

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circulation of blood through the iimer two cyUnders of involved bowel, to

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talents and acquirements employed in the service of the state

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found to be only very slightly soluble in acetic acid, it was decided to investi-

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not necessarily due to any one particular form of specific lesion. Hjnce,

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tomy and other dilatations of the cervix, and it is frequently found in cases

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Combining the obstetrical cases in which an;vsthetics

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229. On tbe Essential Cause of Dysmenorrboea, as Illustrated by Oases of Menstrual

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the Hun, and 8 per cent because of mechanical shortcomings of the

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Since the last edition of this popular work many facts have

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nected with the affected tube and produces a consolidation of the lung

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resignation and four from death, namely, Dr. W. H. Crosse,

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former operation had begun again to contract. An at-

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dilatation of the pupil. The subcutaneous injection of ether

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infective nature of rheumatic fever (94), and has identified a micro-organism

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infection quicker. Quarters that are dark, damp, filthy, and

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Supper, 6.30 P. M. — Maccaroni or rice, farinaceous

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