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informs us that she mistook a white powder for sugar, with which
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like, dark, thickening of parts of the skin, notably about the ankles during
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best adapted and perfect in its relation to a particular kind o£
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ugly, not unlike Hottentots ; " that of the latter is of great
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Tirchow is highly interesting, and well worthy the attention
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later it becomes muco-purulent and viscid. It should be exam-
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Kiihn, 1783, quoted below, there is a pencil mark, "my MS. copy of
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rungeii iiii Augeiigrunde bei ueiigeboreiieii Kindein.
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diameter. Its arterial supply is derived from the in-
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bit of difference with regard to the success of each subse-
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while the patient attempts a deep inspiration, the amount of
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forward. The woman came from the country suffering intense pain
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remove the deposits in the glands, from the tongue ;" but was it, and are similar
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bulletin board in front of Cobb Lecture Hall, and detailed information is obtainable
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time, and it may even remain confined to the lower eyelids ; but in
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Although hygienic truths have been diligently investigated by
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rheumatic seizures, but it seemed as if the cure had been shortened by
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Sec. 7. That any application for a license under this Act, and for
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As we have already hinted, this report shows the health of
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caught by it. One boy did consult lue on the subject, but I
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stirred into 250 to 1000 c.c. of urine and the urine is rendered
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should be so far removed from the chance of error as possible, which cannot
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Treatment. — The only effectual treatment of scurvy is the restoration
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souri 6525 1 . Reprints must be ordered within 30 days after
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•cause of a variety that should be specially called pernicious and
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flesh. He was a large man, and weighed over two hundred pounds.
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to show. The presence of this germ in healthy throats
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vessels, leading to myelitis. As to its site it must be a partial
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But with the support of the government, the recogni-
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embodying the recent and most practical improvements, discoveries and

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