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among the cells in the film, but also brings into clear view those bac-
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cautery, or excessive bleeding requiring transfusion fol-
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126 Massachusetts Ave., Corner Boylston St., Boston, Massachusetts.
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Dr. TurnbuU always uses when a diagnpsis of pus is made, is to
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about half the total proteids and fats of the seeds. Hence the rice
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low. The disease generally terminates in death ; recovery is
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pulmonary congestion. But it more commonly occurs later, either from
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vis and the"^ mobility of the pelvic articulations.
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toms. When the active stage of the inflammation has subsided
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which extended laterally and anteriorly into adjacent structures but did not
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xxx,861-8G3. . On tbouseof epithelial graftsforreplac-
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In describing the appearance of the other organs, as I must again
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Syphilis — and divorce, 998 ; and multiple joint inflam-
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feverishness, and retards convalescence. This is a point of great im-
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In these cases there was no apparent inflammation or lesion about
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The use of this water has been beneficial in dyspepsia, liver complaints,
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to be almost perfectly adapted to the purpose for which it is designed. It
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is due to the fact that only the unsuccessful cases of the surgeon
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defervescence the greenish reflex disappears and the urine becomes
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which, however, could not have lasted more than half an hour. Yet, on in-
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morphological changes and the more complicated life-history. It is rare
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sons, especially those of particular reptiles, are as-
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would be more often successful — often, indeed, a means of saving
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social pleasures and amusements, that I have had no
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lion are inclosed; it furthermore opens to inclose the large sinuses,
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from the shaft to the head of the humerus and shoulder- joint,
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the neck was a lar^e, deep, and irregular-shaped suppurating ulcar,
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tional, and operative interference is indicated the more, as it
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as ammonia or turpentine given insufficiently diluted. The
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secondary atrophy of the walls of the air-cells develops.
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dr\ climates for the purpose of regaining health. “There is something nice,”
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Palmer, D. H. Eoberts, George Seymour, A. E. Simmons, C. B.
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ally it ran from 90 to 100, with a temperature of 103° to 104° F.
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and lastly, the whole of the body becomes equally rigid at the same moment',

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