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marked example of waxy spleen with transparent Malpighian bodies^
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patients are kept upon an unrestricted protein fat diet or upon
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literature of the subject ; and there are many matters which
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thrown off through the medium of menstruation, they remain in the system to
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1 Liebreicb, < Atlas/ fol. xi, fig^. 6, 8, and Q.
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given. About a week after admission^ the pupil of the l^ eye was
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sum of the total activities of the renal organs, but that the latter
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mer, or when engaged in hard work, this liquid exhalation is very apparent. Not
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the number of girls will predominate. The greater Dumber of first childn
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you will live to old age, and die with the natural decay of the body, like the. vege-
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shorter period of repetition in which the synaptic junctions
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in the use of his right hand, and there is slight dragging in the
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of the female. It sometimes bleeds, is at first very uneasy and painful, and is ex-
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the aid of two sticks, to walk about dragging after him the para-
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In relation to the matter of conception and of prevention, Dr. llollick has tho
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feet i-n cold water, to prevent the regular flow, in order that they may be able to
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The number seven has in all ages been considered as a remarkable number, and
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The part played by the milk curd in the trachea in Case 20 may
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were thus taken and no weight was lost, as the prevalent idea
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drinking, gluttony, whoredom, love sickness, or masturbation before marriage; as all
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of rainfall from observations made by M. Roubaudi) —
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conscience, through entire belief and trust in God's love, while the sinner has evi-
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cent victim, or to shatter the system itself with the throes of its impatient desire.
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Circulation is brisk and healthful, the nutrition perfect, and the blood rich and pure.
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use of brandy, and in no case did brandy produce them. Stupor and
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Tins article has been in extensive use in my practice, and always with the most
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limited. A pale and shrunken aspect, with cold hands and arms, will often appear
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effects of the alcoholic treatment was to lower the pulse, and a
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were the forerunners of labour, which set in and ended in birth of a
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where true stenosis existed. How we are to differentiate be-
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Dr. Kidd has figured the instrument, which he thinks nearly
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or mutton, or lish, or chicken, or peach, or apple, or grape, or preserve, or pickle ;
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temporal headache suggested strongly that this patient was
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in true measles. I believe the case to have been one of Botheln, a
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hour in the morning and the afternoon. She was told to avoid
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ease as it appeared in the Island of Antigua in the years
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Bromophenol (bro-mo-fe'nol). 1. Bromol. 2. CeH^BrOH; a violet-
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1000. In cases of aDsemia he gpvcs the proportion] of fibrine as 8*5, and in rheu-
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and evidence of chronic gall-bladder disease. At operation the
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lations. The state of the retina, &c,, ought, however, to be carefully noted in all
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milk and the first fruits of his flocks as offerings to the Creator." And of Abraham

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