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der Medicin," Oct. 1, 1889), has been studying the same subject
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highly talented Journal, I shall feel obliged by their insertion.
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reference to literature, it gives an alphabetic index
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money under false pretences. Is it not time the local
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Boil the asparagus and when cool chop finely ; take the eggs,
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In the accompanying tabulation (Table II) it will be noted that 68
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hence may be wiped away with the back of the instrument. But if it be not taken
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to 77.2 grains) daily for ten days in the form of powder were
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region of the back so free, that the turns of the spica bandage of the
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fellows. Their place, however, was tikcn by students from other schools, principally Yale, Bellevue and West
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The most commonly reported side effects are drowsiness, ataxia and fatigue.
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a large porcelain capsule, and, having heated the mix-
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gall-bladder disease. It is now a pretty well-established
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thickened, but quite free from ulceration and unnatural vascu-
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of the hair was due to the fact that he had not been in a situation to have
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of applications had been made by the different physi-
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for long periods of time — eight to twelve years and upwards ;
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gurgling, diarrhoea, nor rales in the chest — the patient had, however, been
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much more dangerous operation than craniotomy. And since
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to the priority of problems and the degree of dys f unct i on i ng . More
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condition, but fortunately the removal of the active
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the dysentery by sudorific medicines, was not a new doc-
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central area is absolutely colorless and encroaches upon the peripheral
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advances of late as to put inorganic chemistry completely in the
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Istered as soon as the membranous deposit begins to appear, and particu-
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Treatment of Cholera. By R, E. Haugliton, M.D., Rich-
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ment the diarrhoea is usually checked, and the patient often saved from an attack
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and his 2-year-old daughter contracted the disease in
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with a successful issue as the carbolic acid has. Indeed, as
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Dr. C. J. Copp. of Toronto, has l)eeu created a Knight of
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