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Homoeopathy i Allopathy^ and Young Physic. By J. Forbes,
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present case a man, aged 28, was seized with vertigo, and a feeling of pros-
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with Dr. Hammond that there was not a cocaine habk.
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In.struction of medical students the primary interest of the chief professors of medicine and
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the butcher's stall is utterly insufficient. Some contagions
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solutions, which may be designated as the phosphate buffer solution
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pneumonia of reaction, where, if anywhere, you would
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remain thirty-six hours, when it was removed and no further hemorrhage
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sixth days. Krause found characteristic bacilli in the typhoid skin
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same solution as the foregoing was given. A further drop in
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ed in this way ; but in the same way it may, and I be-
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will suffice for their removal. With the flowing blood
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nutrition, changes ensue, which produce the typical symptoms of the
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the abdomen prominent, and the girth decidedly increased. The sweat-
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her food, till, at the end of some weeks, she died ex-
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ducts. The most careful examination into the history of a long
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effects of ether on the vascular supply, the impression on the
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mononucleosis complicated by severe thrombocytopenia. Scand J Infect Dis 1980;
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times cause imperative and immediate defecation, and
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observations, in confirmation of Griesinger's view, have been made by Bilharz,
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allowing them to take up the reius as before they were
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Also, at the same time, give a solution of nitrate of potassa,
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there is hardly one of us who has not some time or other
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i;allcd scirrhv'S, never bcc'onne carcinomatous j neither do the fibroi:s
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But these cases are often not reported, and one reason
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Some very contnidictory evidence is recorded concerning
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fever or diphtheria, more rigid measures are adopted. Two long coats kept for
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if present, causes a precipitate at the line of junction of acid and urine,
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diseases, and therefore go headlong to ruin. The last physician adopt-
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black lines, these lines reappear in the compound spectrum, provided

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