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regret that General Peel will no longer direct its fortunes.
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the former lax administration of loose regulations has per-
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cuses, as doubt as to diagnosis, etc. Gentlemen, the
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I hours after the birth of the foetuses, their abdomens
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children took from 12 to 15 grammes in a few weeks.
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sent to the entire membership, included an explana-
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mentation is contra-indicated in the florid stage. The author has had good
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jnain in l)3d, and spend sleepless nights. But as for
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urgieduFoie: Traitement des Abces Intra- Hepatiques) Pantaloni reports
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one of phthisis, with an abscess in the glands of the posterior mediastinum*
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almost tropical suns of our summer climate, the wonder
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with abstruse and meUphysical discussions, which have exhausted
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half-breeds sprung from unions of Spaniards and Aztecs,
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to the ninth, inclusive, refer to the benefit of the treatment in
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present him with their gold medal for distinguished merit.
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servations, I should say that external irritants play
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contact with many physicians, that they did want it.
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the process adsanced to its termination. This oil, which was al-
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serious consideration to this type of presentation.
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Strangulation. — The close constriction of a part. Thus, a
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cine ever attempted by any firm of ]iublishers and must repre-
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incision should involve about two fifths of the circumference
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costal cartilage close to the right edge of the sternum, and
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and mono-nuclear cells is seen. The vessels are rarely wholly or almost oc-
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Shari Ward; Public Health Advisor, Licensure and Certification
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to have a clear understanding of the difference between
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These means are as follow: Partial or complete al)stinence from
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Ohio, was married, June 18th, to Miss Selina B. Morison, of
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is always the same for each particular species. At the time
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Diseases of the Eye, to which Dr. Risley was elected.
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of rest) they are optically so similar to the substance of the red blood-
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May 2-6— 9th Annual Mid-Pacific Diagnostic Ultrasound Confer-

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