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well down deep toward base of skull. The dura mater
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thirteen and were regular, two to three days in duration and only slightly
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of its birth, and that many cocci were found in its blood.
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represents its equivalent in hard continuous work. But while
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in the belief that he is to play at a game of chance,
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epilepsy, delirium, lameness, chronic spasms, pains in the limbs,
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had the Association, and that this great project might speedily
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tails of the preparations were given for publication.
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exist, it should be checked by appropriate treatment.
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dog. As the local health officer there at the time, I
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fever or diphtheria, more rigid measures are adopted. Two long coats kept for
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the cyst entirely and without evacuating its contents.
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and commercial interests of all the States which this Con-
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flammatory condition. The condition appeared to be a
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letter. Address JOHN P. NORTON & COMPANY, Louisville, Ky.
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formaldehyde vapor twice a day. At first he could only stand the
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As the sanitary state of the premises of this part of the town
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These tests can be completed in less than five minutes. Inci-
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mental education must be prosecuted, but must on no account be allowed
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probable that the oidium which I found in the sprue
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cases are not quite so gratifying as those of Fein, for while
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troubles are rare, and the A'arious ci'ises are quite exceptional. Scoliosis
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ing of chronic nasal catarrh would diminish. He wouldn't
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premiums the result is that anyone whose conscience
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fronto-parietal lobe. A similar collection of fluid covering
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Anything that will reduce cell- force reduces health
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which fell under his observation thirty years ago, the circum-
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Saturday — medical clinic from twelve to one, and sur-
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tion has subsided, like any other inflammatory swelling. How-
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upon the surface of this membrane, previously to the formation of the
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(4.7%). The average birthweight during this time was
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