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The relationship of the renal tumors of embryonic origin (tera-
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genic bacteria will locate at favorable points most
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tion — can be realized to a most satisfactory degree through
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and rector of Marischal College, became " mediciner " of King's
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whether one has to deal with a wholly sane individual or
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described, with that of the striated muscular fibres, we can hardly overlook the analogy exist-
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question, nor does he attempt to generalize much from his cases,
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added a fifth. As a result of his studies Brown regarded
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bralcs, 1880. 33. HIRT. Berlin, klin. Wochen. July 1887. 34. HITZIG. Archiv f.
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nothing to do with the production of this altered first sound,
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Following the method of Willens, Professor John Gamgee
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which they undergo after the inclusion of the foreign bodies which
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1 : 10,000, 10 c.c, of one of these dilutions being injected into a
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which the boy quite recovered in about eight days. Another case of recovery
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ing upon these important points only incidentally. And yet
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notably we may quote enteric fever as affordrng examples of this. A
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ble diseases of the present time. Yet that alone does not afford a
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As pleurisy will certainly occur when the growth reaches
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and got up several times ; headache along the supraorbital
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vices of the system, say of the blood, are not only hereditary in the true
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* Condensed from Burdon-Sanderson (as above), pp. 345, et seq.
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gout, or music does the ears that are affected with collected matter."
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ii\ij, — I, in, lit' incisiniiv tor Dp. iiiiii; kiKi-ioiii! tnr i \ic;im'vo ■i!in|uir:u ivi' arthrii is
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of the circulation of the blood, aud then applied the
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tance to scantiness of urochrome; acidity certainly plays a part, as also does
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Health, L<.nd., 1895-6, viii, 1 19-124.— l»eiainotle (P. AV.)
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sigh ; and a pity is it beyond expression, that every human creature does not know
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before very long, but in the meantime, writers of fic-
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