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The base of the speculum was fitted with a firm handle
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three to four days in the other three. Billard states that the average
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which I hold as to what operation should be done. In
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speech slow and monotonous at first and later rapid. The
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through the disease, but during convalescence, as this lessens the
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behind the trochanter major, on the thigh along the track of the nerve, in
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As described by Billroth, Syme, Quain,* and Curling,'* and ob-
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Traumatic lesions.— Many cases are on record of recovery, without
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sheaths of the cervical muscles at their attachments to the trans-
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drains and get the patient off the table as quickly as can be done. The
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dren, sick and well, and this, very often, in spite of very bad hygienic sur-
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occurring 35 times. But 12 patients were below 40, therefore
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Sir, you are at liberty to make uny use of this you please.
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well-formed and coarsely arranged fibrous tissue with few nuclei, and
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lieuiiero ( G. ) Uu nouveau pror6de d'lifi nosiaae.
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keep their moles. I know people who have innumerable moles on the back.
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flammatory condition. The condition appeared to be a
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9. Uses and Value of Galvanism and Electricity in General Practice. —
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although this pain of the side is extremely common in the
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fibrous structure was still apparent, and it lacerated in a definite
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oipiDaries are less full, the transudation of serum, which was threatening,
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later from long-existing dilatation and valvular disease
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in a myocardial infarction or cerebrovascular accident.
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paratively young one, whereas among those in a better
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ditiofi of the patiefit, quite irrespective of the local state. It is
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pushed back by the current of the blood, they bad given rise
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lines we have given and which is entirel}^ completed in man, every
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yellowness of the skin, are the principal characteristics
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Such a law is made, no doubt, with the idea that it may bring
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five grains of Tartar Emetic, mixed with a solution
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the medical officers. They are publicly told they have
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The pathological anatomy of mild malarial infections — the quartan
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Dr. Drury, with Dr. Taylor, brought forward a case of

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