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and pig do not successfully resist the disease. The goat is

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needle may be warrantable, in cikses oi doubt, as a means <

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children aspiration will, in a small number of cases, be found

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the chronic variety with lipping and bony outgrowth.

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fering while he is under care. Other countries have

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tics already presented show conclusively that coincident with

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resting the heart as it were, without materially weakening the muscu-

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glare of light, which the unaccustomed eye could not sup-

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comparing the limbs and the face on the two sides. Opium

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Humboldt and Daubeney, see Medical Examiner for .January, 1853, p. 31.

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40 McCarrison : The Vaccine Treatment of Simple Goitre

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In the telescope and compound microscope the lenses are accurately

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when asked which he considered the greatest drugs, his reply

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further it descends into £he smaUer and finer canals, so much the more

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Medical Society of West Virginia, Grafton, Mkt 22-24, 1901.

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before whom I have lectured, and I have received many letters from for-

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not conscientiously withhold remedies which we have

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After the customary period of study, which he prosecuted with a degree of de-

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this condition. Reasoning from the anatomy, one would

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what are we going to do? and on that point, I presume,

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shot injuries of the elbow-joint in the San Juan de

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it in every case, from the youngest baby, to adult life. I am of the fixed

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sloughing condition of the part, or to the excessive extravasation of blood.

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Saxon English the genitive denotes some of. An gcmtlve *

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tion of the muscular system appears to be the only known cause.

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