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inflammations of joints. Dr. Dana thought the relation
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improves in tone; the action of the heart is less jerky; the
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cination was in general inoffensive, but that it would be
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and fortieth years. Acute yellow atrophy is comparatively rare among chil-
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hall that was so much to be desired. Its material prosperity was
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On the day following the operation the patient's temperature
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free from larvse. Not only fish, but a variety of water creatures
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by the first Mr. Hey of Leeds for displacement of the
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of eerebro-spinal nervous influence on the heart, it illustrates the possi-
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or at least lay in close contact with it, the impulse of the heart
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knowing the book. The author lakes up each procedure necessary to gynecologic
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insist on, or even to inculcate, the personal habits
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For Stomach Tonic and Bowel Complaints, a?id to disguise the taste
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The suturing completed, to avoid the extravasation of
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XIV. Svphilitic Intra-cranial Disease. By C. Ellery Stedman, M.D., and
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diploma might have been wrongly recorded, but that he must
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physicians interested in this treatment, and who devised a
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or of the sacro-iliac joint, pyosalpinx as the result of gonorrhoeal inflammation
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rule, indicative of plastic pericarditis, it is an error to regard it as an infallible
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Grohe, Zur Geschichte der Melanamie etc. Virchow's Archiv 22, 1861.
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* Lecture &t the opening of the Medical Department of the ColumbiaB
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patients has been observed by numerous other investigators among
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and these are, the gentlemen of extraordinary personal attractions, and
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as it has led some enthusiasts to imagine an impossible pro-
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13 the dear docile editors, who blow the bellows for empirics, and puff
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11.30 P.M. on February 2. No fresh haemorrhages appeared,
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delphia Polyclinic; Consulting Laryngologist to the Penn-
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ago in behalf of our building fund, "these purposes are ac-
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disease, is a strong proof, either that there is no real
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tion of infant feeding and vitamin products of the S. M. A.
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minute tubercular granulations. It was not thickened and wOiS not
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that the Committee consult with the Superintendent with
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that can be easily demonstrated by experiment and observation, we

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