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skin is not short, suocutaneous tenotomy in the sole

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been normal, no indications of previous pelvic disease of any

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cast; /, cast of white blood-corpuscles; g } hyaline cast with epithelium and white blood-corpus-

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base of the tongue, resembling raw beef in its intensity of

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The second part of Mr. Tylor's discourse related to the

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Foundation for Arkansas (MEFFA), Post Office Box 5776,

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1889, xii,80; 122. -Beam (.1. M.) The abortive treatment

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the whole changes into cumulo stratus, and spreads horizon-

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heretofore occupied by Messrs. Skcy, Wormald, andKieman.

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upon the surface of this membrane, previously to the formation of the

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medicine and also of" a library school, and therefore is

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Summary of cases in the obstetric ward ; statistical account

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four times a day, gradually increasing to fifteen grains at a

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Reference to his Investigations of the Vascular System.

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in the consideration of the subject before us, one will say uraemia is the cause, and

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& Mheble ( H. ) Puncliiiis-bag. No. .56.5747; Aug. 11,

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although the American journals are very well sifted

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month, there have been indications of recrudescence which

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no danger of abscess or other untoward event. It remains quietly

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1. If'hiTe' thc're is gruss m-crotic ur gangrenuiis tissue' —f.g., in the wound in

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nance is regulated according to the general provisions in §§ 1 to 4 of

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of one-eighth of an inch, by meansof an instrument constructed

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